Kilted to Kick Cancer | Walnut Creek, CA Grand Reopening
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Walnut Creek, CA Grand Reopening

Walnut Creek, CA Grand Reopening

KTKC Co-founder Jason Hoschouer is well known for his well coifed, combed, cut, hell, dude has a nice haircut. Why do we mention this?
Dang. See how that just creeps into everything?
Sport Clips reached out to KTKC to be a supporter of a re-opening of one of their locations, Walnut Creek, CA. On April 30th we will be on hand for raffle prizes, giveaways, haircuts and prostates. You know what we mean.

Sport Clips is a hair cut chain specializing in guys who appreciate a great haircut, massage and steam towel. If you’ve never had this experience, you are missing out big time.
If in the Walnut Creek area on April 30th, stop by and see us all day long. If not in the area, seek out a local Sport Clips, kilt up and get a haircut. When the entire staff fawns over the kilt, tell them why you wear it, that we’re doing this event in CA and that you are available for events in your area. That’s how Jason got us on their radar here.

KTKC can help you get donations for raffles (provided they meet IRS requirements, let us worry about that) and get the word out Nationally.
You thought we just wore kilts for fun in September…well…we do…but we also do everything we can to raise awareness. IF that means kilting up and getting a haircut then dammit, we’re gonna do it.

Because we’re givers.

Are you a giver?

If there is a Sport Clips in your area, show your support for them by stopping by on Sunday, April 30th in your kilt.
If there isn’t a Sport Clips, consider stopping by another place and telling them shy you’re kilted and that you’d like to see what partnership you can start.

You’d be surprised.


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