Kilted to Kick Cancer | Update from PCREF and Dr Barken
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Update from PCREF and Dr Barken

Recipient of the 2015 Research Award from Kilted to kick Cancer, Dr Barken has promised to deliver regular updates and he does not disappoint.  I have gotten personal phones call from  him each week since awarding his study $13,000 from your hard donated funds.


Our donation was a seed donation, but not like those TV preachers buying jets and promising a miracle that never comes.  We visited their San Diego research facility and had a wonderful tour.

Our investment was to begin gathering a team of researchers and to hopefully catch the attention of other investors looking to make a dent in prostate cancer research.  Our study will goo but with more funding comes more subjects, opportunity and to be honest…more science.

So far the team is beginning to assemble, including at least 1 prominent leader in the field (I won’t spoil who just yet in case we get them both) and I just received word that another donator has stepped up to the tune of $5,000 get this study even closer to human trials!  If successful our little contribution could be the spark that ignites a whole new way of researching, combating and destroying cancer.


Thank you Dr Barken and thank you  to all our followers for making this research a reality!


-The KTKC Team

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