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Kilted to kick Cancer is proud to team up with the
following cool folks to help Kick Cancer to the curb!

Looking for more versatility from your kilt maker- not just standard styles and fabrics? Do you need something different to match your unique tastes? Then Visit Alt-Kilt for your one of a kind custom made kilt.  Regina is the head seamstress and not only hand makes these kilts in Wisconsin (sometimes freezing cold) but has supported KTKC since we started it.

Please support this small business and their efforts to bring the kilt into the mainstream of fashion!



Also a big thank you to Alex over at UNKILTED! for providing the site design for the new Kilted to Kick Cancer site. UNKILTED! is your go-to-guy for any logo work, graphic design, or web development projects.  And if you’re Scottish, a Kilt Wearer or indeed in the kilt industry, or Scottish related business – there’s a special “clansman discount” waiting for you on any UNKILTED! project!

If you have a product or service that’s Kilt related, or you’re just nuts about kilts and want to help – drop us an email and let’s talk!