Kilted to Kick Cancer | Official Brewery of Kilted to Kick Cancer Announced!- Idol Beer Works
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Official Brewery of Kilted to Kick Cancer Announced!- Idol Beer Works

Official Brewery of Kilted to Kick Cancer Announced!- Idol Beer Works

I’ve always wanted to say I had an official brewery.


What, Jason?

We always wanted to say that.

Oh sorry. We…


(End Top Gun reference) (maybe)

We at Kilted to Kick Cancer have been looking for partners in our mission to rid the universe of Prostate Cancer and think we stumbled upon a perfect one in Idol Beer Works.

Last week we had the opportunity to sit down with Idol Beer Works owner, and former HEMS pilot, Grant Hamilton to discuss how our two organizations could help one another. From that conversation, and the tour of their amazing brewhouse in Lodi, CA, I think it is fair to say this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship (not the last movie reference I’ll bet)

Idol Brewing will be hosting their 2nd anniversary on September 14th and KTKC will be there to host, MC, run empty glasses back to the bar, you name it, but…dig this…their anniversary party is their own Highland Games and Gathering!

Grant weaves his native Scotland into many elements of Idol, including the beers with the best names you’ll see anywhere (seriously, check these out) as well as celebrating New Year’s Eve at the brewery at 4pm…because that’s midnight in Scotland.

When Grant and Angela (above, center), his partner in all of this, heard what we do and we heard what they’ve done there were many clinking of glasses. We were so excited, in fact, that there are no photos of us there, but I’ll be stopping in the week before our annual Highland Games weekend to pick up what Grant says we need: 5 gallons of his Bruce Scottish Ale as well as 7.75 of the Smutty Fraulein German Blonde.

We look forward to working with Idol Beer Works on many a project and appreciate their support!

Please join us in celebrating responsibly by sharing this news far and wide and don’t forget to kilt up this September!


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