Kilted to Kick Cancer | KTKC collects $1100 from local Sport Clips Fundraiser
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KTKC collects $1100 from local Sport Clips Fundraiser

KTKC collects $1100 from local Sport Clips Fundraiser

Back on April 30th we were invited to the grand reopening of Sport Clips Walnut Creek.  This wasn’t a huge, complicated thing to do.  A couple guys in kilts reached out to the local business community and found a way to raise awareness and a couple of bucks in the process.

ktkc sport clips 2

A quick letter from KTKC to the donors and we were up and running. And by running we mean standing out front of the store waving signs, talking to passers by and just being our normal goofy selves.  You too can organize a local event for KTKC!  Drop us an email and let us know what you plan to do, then put us in touch with the local business to get them the IRS document they need.  After that you kilt up and get the word out.


A month later, following the raffle and donations from multiple Sport Clips locations, Ben Mengels called us back to present the check to KTKC.  $1134 dollars between 3 stores in one day!  We hope to do more with these locations, Ben and the larger Sport Clips family.

ktkc sportclips

The only downside of this event?  We didn’t get to keep the giant check.  We did get to keep the little ones…which counts a little more in the long run.

Get Kilted! Get Checked!

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