Kilted to Kick Cancer | KTKC and ZEROCancer at the San Francisco 5K!
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KTKC and ZEROCancer at the San Francisco 5K!

KTKC and ZEROCancer at the San Francisco 5K!

Your founders were up at stupid o’clock in the morning this past Sunday to help out at the ZERO Cancer 5k run/walk to end prostate cancer.  This was a fun event that drew not only runners from all walks of life, but had a special ceremony recognizing prostate cancer survivors, their caregivers and family.


Survivors were brought up to be recognized and given a blue hat to wear so we could find them easily.  There must have been 2 dozen or so.  Then caregivers were given a blue sash so that runners and walkers could thank them for caring for their survivor.


Vanessa (in the photo between us there) and the ZERO Team, partnering with Kyle and the A Runner’s Mind folks, did a great job organizing the event and KTKC was proud to help out by MCing.  We even got most of the survivors to sign our KTKC banner.


Don’t just be active with KTKC in September!  Get out into the community and find an event that could use an extra hand, kilt up and help out!

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