Kilted to Kick Cancer | Kilted Army Weekend Warrior Challenge!
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Kilted Army Weekend Warrior Challenge!

Kilted Army Weekend Warrior Challenge!

ktkc donate nowYou may be looking at the contest standings and thinking, “I’ll never catch up and win!”

We hear you and wanted to offer a different challenge for the weekend!


Starting noon (central) on Friday Sept 23rd and continuing until Midnight Sunday the 25th, Kilted to Kick Cancer is offering a side contest, the KILTED ARMY WEEKEND WARRIOR CHALLENGE!


The team which brings in the most individual donors in the contest time frame will win a Kilted to Kick Cancer Promotion Pack!  (A T-shirt, patches and KTKC cards to hand out next year!) as well as a special extra prize from Alt.Kilt!


Remember, we’re counting DONORS, not Dollars!

And also remember that you can start a team whenever you like, just email and tell us the name.



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