Kilted to Kick Cancer | Here We Go! SEPTEMBER!!!
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Here We Go! SEPTEMBER!!!

Here We Go! SEPTEMBER!!!

So, you guys know this charity runs pretty much entirely on small donations from folks like you.  We have no party planner costs, no executive retreats, no branded shampoos.  It’s you, us and kilts.


This year’s contest will be a little different.  Times and dates and most rules still apply, but the prize packages are still in flux.  But you weren’t in this for the swag.  If that was true, who in their right mind raises $5,200 for charity only to pass on the prize packages?


Also new this year, your founders are trying a divide and conquer approach to our traditional launch weekend.  Jason is in Yosemite at a Blue Grass Music Festival while Justin is holding the fort at the 153rd Caledonian Highland Games.  As a result we have less communication with you all, and this site, but we need to get this message far and wide!

If for some reason you have trouble adding a donation to a team or ordering a patch, please give us time to get home and settled on the 4th.  Remember, we don’t spend money on fancy web developers or graphic designers  (what’s that? you noticed? keep it to yourself, Gary). We try to get every last dollar we can into the hands of the researchers trying to make an impact on Prostate Cancer.


So grab your kilts, drop your drawers, and let’s do what we do!




  • Mark Richard

    September 1, 2018 at 5:47 am Reply

    Kilted Up!

  • Mark Richard

    September 2, 2018 at 3:14 pm Reply

    Well I got noticed!

    I caused a traffic accident! (Just bumpers bumping no damage no one was hurt.)


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