Kilted to Kick Cancer | Happy Kilted Eve – a Poem
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Happy Kilted Eve – a Poem

Happy Kilted Eve – a Poem

Twas the night before Kilted,

and all through the Highlands,

the Army was stirring,

calling on their friends.

To donate to charity,

all while pantsless,

an entire month kilted,

not in a man’s dress.

Prostate Cancer our enemy,

though all cancers suck,

A storm named Harvey,

dampens our luck.

To make you choose one,

worthy cause to believe in,

is not in our nature,

So shut up and start listenin’.

We’ve chosen 4 charities,

Down Houston way,

and if you give to them in our name,

It’s your Team we’ll pay.

In credit for the contest,

to win some cool swag,

All while spreading the word,

in what some may call drag.

So kilt up my Army,

tomorrow we fight,

It’s September me laddies,

let’s do this thing right.


Get Kilted!  Get Checked!

Details HERE

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