Kilted to Kick Cancer | Glitches over Britches!
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Glitches over Britches!

Glitches over Britches!

In true grass roots charity fashion our kick off morning has been riddled with website issues, small woodland creatures and an impromptu Gary Coleman look alike contest we just couldn’t walk past. (Justin took 3rd, by the way)


Our team contest and need to use Paypal (we want your transaction secure) have limited our ability to make this easy.

We’ve always said raising money for charity isn’t easy so we wanted to share the pain and make donating a pain as well.  Not the best theory, but you’re not wearing pants, so it’s all good.


Please visit our donation page HERE to drop an easy $10 to the cause.  Want to change that $10 to $35?  Just follow the instructions to highlight it and change it.  Want to make it $20?  Press the little “+” button.  You’ll choose the team you’re supporting in the Checkout process, don’t worry.


So, in summary:

Glitches are better than britches.

Justin does a mean “Whatchoo talkin bout Willis”

Cancer is stupid.


Thanks for your support!  Maybe this year we can justify spending some of your donations on upgrading your ability to donate instead of sending so much directly to research.  I imagine if the process is easier you’ll donate more, right?


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