Kilted to Kick Cancer | Fundraising Team Roll Call!
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Fundraising Team Roll Call!

Fundraising Team Roll Call!

That’s right, pantless warriors, the time for our online fund raising challenge approaches!

The teams currently registered are at the end of this post. If your team name is there, worry not, you are good to get your kilt on and have your folks choose you before they check out. It is a required field on the form, so don’t worry. If they decide to donate another way, drop us a line at and so long as the donation is received or postmarked by the end of the contest, its in!

Don’t see your team on the list or think you’ve got what it takes to win some sweet prizes just for raising awareness and funds to kick prostate cancer? Simple:
1. Choose your Team Name. Be clever.
2. Email and give your contact info and requested team name.
3. Kick ass.
4. Raise the most money…Win.

It really is that simple.

Make sure you head over to our STORE to order a shirt, sweater or hat to get the word out.

See you in September!
-KTKC Staff


2017 TEAMS!

General KTKC Donation,
Team Ambulance Driver,
Team Borepatch,
Team BWall,
Team Corpus Christi,
Team Coykendall,
Team Dicks of Hazzard,
Team Dragon,
Team Fir na Dli,
Team Flynn,
Team Glenn B,
Team Guns & Coffee,
Team Happy Medic,
Team Hast,
Team HBC Concealment,
Team Indy,
Team JayG,
Team JBro,
Team Larry and the Limey,
Team Lexington Fire,
Team Liberty Martial Arts,
Team Live Free or Die,
Team Lonely Mountain,
Team Maltby,
Team McThag,
Team Mike the Cop,
Team Oddball,
Team Old NFO,
Team Packetman,
Team Parrothead,
Team Squidfoo,
Team Soul Crusher,
Team Unwired Medic,
Team Winder,
Team Zach Miller,

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