Kilted to Kick Cancer | Fundraising Contest Rules and Prizes
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Fundraising Contest Rules and Prizes

To be eligible to win prizes you must have a team registered with prior to midnight, September 30th 2019. Register a team by sending your team name to, a page on our site will be created for your team.

There is no cost to enter the contest.

Teams will abide by local and Federal laws and guidelines regarding fundraising for 501c3 non-profit groups.

Fundraising totals will be combined from:

A) Donations made through the team product page at Any check payments or event totals will be counted if postmarked on or prior to Sept 30th 2019.

B) Facebook or third party app donation efforts must be screen captured and emailed to prior to the close of the contest to be counted. In the event of a donation being made prior to the close of contest, but after the screenshot will be dealt with on a case by case basis for validity.

C) Live events where a vendor or sponsor will offer a portion of the proceeds towards a team are allowed, but Kilted to Kick Cancer must be made aware of the event and receive contact information for the vendor or sponsor. This will allow an estimate or total amount to be known prior to end of contest but before funds may arrive.

D) Checks can be made out to Kilted to Kick Cancer. Cash or check donations in hand can be sent to Kilted to Kick Cancer via mail PO Box 667 Clayton, CA 94517. Teams should use the product portal, enter the amount and choose “pay by cheque” so that the program can track the donations and we know what to expect in the mail box.

E) Any challenges to the final results must be made prior to October 31st and will be settled by KTKC Board Members. Remember folks, this is all for charity and we’re spending most of the money you raise on research, not website fundraising tracking software. The abacus can only move so fast.

Donations made between September 1st 00:01 Pacific time and midnight September 30th 2019 Pacific time are applied towards the contest. All donations received before and after will go towards the charity but will not be applied to the contest. In the event of a website failure or third party failure, team captains must contact to confirm donations via email on a case by case basis.

The top three teams with the largest total donations to their team will win.

Void where prohibited, winners must meet local and federal eligibility requirements for prize packages which can vary based on the prizes offered. It is the winner’s responsibility to ensure they meet all eligibility requirements. Prizes subject to substitution by supplier at their discretion based on availability of size/color/type. KTKC will do our best to ensure prizes offered are indeed awarded or substituted in kind when possible.


First Prize

Damn Near Kilt’em Premium Kilt, Belt and Accessory

DNKE T-Shirt

KTKC T-Shirt KTKC Patches KTKC 2019 Champion Coaster Set

Second Prize

DNKE Greenhorn Kilt, Belt

DNKE T-Shirt

KTKC T Shirt KTKC patches

Third Prize

DNKE Greenhorn kilt

DNKE T-shirt

KTKC T-shirt KTKC Patches