Kilted to Kick Cancer | Fundraising contest kicks into high gear!
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Fundraising contest kicks into high gear!

Fundraising contest kicks into high gear!

There’s a lot of activity in our online fundraising challenge this weekend with the top 5 teams exchanging places for the top 3 spots!

Team HBC Concealment, Team Happy Medic, Team Sunshine Farms, Team JBro and Team Soul Crusher are all within $200 of one another heading into the last 10 days of the contest!

Keep in mind you can sort our product page by popularity to see who has the most going from the website but what you can’t see are the folks emailing to let us know there are checks in the mail to PO Box 667 Clayton CA 94517. Those only get added AFTER the close of the online portion.

That also doesn’t include funds raised at events planned by a number of the teams at local watering holes.

September may be drawing to a close but our risk of Prostate Cancer is not. Please, before everything turns pink and we forget about our own risks for a month, get over to the main page and donate! We’re getting ready to announce our research award of $20,000 and would love to do the same next year!


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