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Get to know us better

Every October co-founders Jason Hoschouer and Justin Schorr (With 2 wives, 2 mothers, a sister and 5 daughters between them) are happy to throw their support to strive for a cure to breast cancer. Personally, we love the “Save the Ta-tas” T-shirts, boob jokes and overall appreciation of that which is the breast, but I digress. A few years ago Justin (the Happy Medic) was contacted by a fellow EMS blogger, Epijunky, regarding a contribution to the Susan G. Komen walk on which she was embarking. HM and a few other bloggers banded together, turned their blogs pink, and raised about $800 for her.

Not too long after, Justin was contacted by another EMS blogger with some interesting (and all-too-often unknown) information: Prostate and testicular cancers kill just as many men as breast cancer kills women. You read that right (At the time that was true).

To further drive the point home our friend and EMS blogger, HybridMedic, has been publicly chronicling his battle with testicular cancer on his blog. The man went to the doctor after some pain he was experiencing and was eventually told he had testicular cancer. His response? He manned up and in no time at all he was a testicle lighter.

We applaud Hybrid’s courage in the face of something as downright terrifying as cancer…but that’s not all. He invited all of us along for the ride to experience what he has gone through/is going through. His catharsis has taken what started as a fun idea Justin and Jason had the year before and provided the fuel to our spark.

What started as an excuse to wear kilts more often was picked up by another blogger, Kelly Greyson ( who was not content in simply raising awareness.  Have a look.

Thus, Kilted to Kick Cancer was born.

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month. For the entire month of September KTKC followers will be wearing kilts. Not just occasionally or when we feel like it. All. Month. Long. Unless we’re on duty, we’re wearing kilts. In October, a man wearing a pink shirt walks into a room, he is either noticed for his support of crushing breast cancer or his odd fashion decision. When a man walks into a room wearing a kilt, everyone has the same question…what’s he got on under there?

Let’s be clear here, folks. If you wear underwear, it’s a skirt. What better lead-in than to answer that question with “Let’s talk about what’s under my kilt.” Our aim for September is to bring as much awareness to male risk factors for prostate and testicular cancer as we can. Our goal is to talk to as many men as we can and get them to get their ass (pun intended) to the doctor.

Our defense mechanism when it comes to that admittedly uncomfortable and possibly embarrassing visit is to make butt and/or poop jokes. Hell, I did it myself. I figured if breast cancer’s color was pink, then prostate cancer’s color had to brown, right? (As it turns out, it’s blue…colon cancer’s is brown. I’m not kidding.)

We got involved with the good people over at ALT KILT (Twitter: @alt_kilt), who amongst other cool things will be offering 20% off of their entire product line for the month of September: At checkout on their site, simply enter the code “KTKC” for a 20% discount on your kilt for #KiltedtoKickCancer.

Keep coming back and checking out the blog for more updates on Kilted to Kick Cancer, and follow us on Facebook and the hashtag #kiltedtokickcancer.

So, what can you do to help out? We’ve set up this website with some links including the Prostate Cancer Foundation website.

Most importantly, if you’ve got a Y-chromosome, and you’re 40-years-old or older, you can get yourself to a doctor and get an exam.

Yours “Kiltedly”,

the KTKC Team

Kilted to Kick Cancer is a Non-Profit Organization incorporated in California and granted 501(c)(3) status as a Charity. Donations are deductible as charitable donations under IRS code, talk to your tax professional for details.

KTKC is organized to raise awareness regarding male specific cancers and supports grassroots organizing to spread the message of health, knowledge and support. While some may claim donations are for “research” portions of the donations are awarded to other 501(c)(3) Organizations, under IRS law, that share our visions and purpose.