Kilted to Kick Cancer | A quick visit with Dr Cooperberg
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A quick visit with Dr Cooperberg

A quick visit with Dr Cooperberg

Co-Founder Justin Schorr made a quick trip over the Bay to meet Drs Cooperberg and Carroll, the 2016 Research Award winners.


Dr Cooperberg, below in the jacket and tie was in between meetings before this afternoon’s meeting with his research team.  Dr Carroll happened to be in the middle of a robotic cancer surgery procedure, but still managed to pop down for a handshake and a photo.  I kid you not.  He was doing surgery with a robot that was controlling another robot in the other room.  He handed it over to an associate and came down.  Theoretically, he could perform cancer surgery from anywhere in the world “provided we have good enough internet.”


So not in my house I guess.


KTKC got Dr Cooperberg half way to his goal of $40,000 to begin the marker testing in hopes to perfect a new blood and urine screening test for PC.  More details on that soon.


Until then do not rest, Kilted Army!  We are FAR behind last year’s fundraising levels and if we don’t get your donations in we can’t get the money directly into the hands of the researchers to make a difference.


Please click the Donate!  button and send what you can.  We need your help!


-Team KTKC

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