Kilted to Kick Cancer | 2017 – Time to drop your trousers…almost
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2017 – Time to drop your trousers…almost

2017 – Time to drop your trousers…almost

Greetings Kilted Army!

Another September approaches and it’s time to get ready to do what we do.

For those new to the concept, we wear our kilts everywhere we go for the month of September to bring awareness to Prostate Cancer.  1 in 7 men will be diagnosed, that’s worse than breast cancer, but “Big Cure” keeps that on the down low.

After all, who wants to talk about their prostate when there’s an entire month dedicated to boobs?

Um, we do.

As men we need to care about our risk factors for things that will kill us.  You see, if we’re dead…who celebrates the boobs?

Enough boobs (Never said that before) and back to Kilted to Kick Cancer.  Grab a shirt or polo or hoodie in the store, Kilt up for the entire month and be ready for when those odd stares turn into the inevitable question “What’s under your kilt?”

There you go, the conversation has begun!


New Business-

We at KTKC have been adamant about putting your donations directly into the hands of researchers looking for better ways to screen men for prostate cancer.  As a small cadre in the early years we raised over $20,000 for various cancer charities.  As an IRS 501c3 ourselves that number more than doubled.  In 2016 alone we donated $20,000 to prostate cancer researchers developing new and more accurate ways to screen men for this disease.

2017 is what you could call a “rebuilding year.”  Due to the overwhelming support you have given us over the last few years we have actually had to spend some of your donations on the organization.  For example, you’ll now notice we have an HTTPS secure SSL.  See the little green lock?  That means that we can now secure data that comes in from transactions, among other things.  Previously we had to use third party vendors that scrape a percentage off the top every time you donate.  That will soon end.  A little invested now means more to research later.

We had to print more cards to hand out and more shirts…we’ve also been approached be real life promoters looking to take KTKC to the next level with larger, more media friendly events.

All of this promotion was done early on by us, Kelly, Jason and Justin, out of pocket.  Because of your determination to get the word out we are moving towards planning multiple events for next year, and not just in September.


KTKC is on the verge of being “called up to the majors” gang, and it feels so good.  This started as a way to get the word out and here we are less than a decade later approaching $50,000 directly to PC research.


So with that said, get your kilts, grab a shirt, hit the local watering hole and ask about a “Kilted to Kick Cancer” night and let’s do this!

Get Kilted! Get Checked!

-KTKC Team

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  • Lonnie Winfield

    September 29, 2017 at 10:00 am Reply

    Hey, saw your segment on KTVU at the 9 today. I am a retired firefighter from Petaluma and I am looking for something to do in my retirement. I have several friends who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and two that have passed away because of it. Would like to get information about how I can help. Thank you and good work.

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